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Door Access Servicing

Keep Your Door Access Working

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Door Access Servicing Keeps Your System Working

Door Access System with its powerful software and readers provide you with a secure way of ensuring that only authorised personnel are allowed to enter.

Having the right personnel to administer the system is needed.  But over time, with staff turnover or re-deployment, the system is often left to run on its own until there is a need to add or remove access.  And often the staff involved may not know what to do.  Talk to us and find out how we can help you.

Breakdown Door Access Servicing

Stuck outside and couldn’t get in?  Or you have forgotten the password and cannot access the system.  Perhaps you need to enroll a new card but not sure where to start. 

Call us and let our engineer check and rectify the system. Our charges are from $120.00 onwards and we support many different models of standalone systems as well as multi-doors access systems.

HID Door Access Readers and Access Cards needs Door Access Servicing

We are certified and trained to support the following brands:  

  • ZKTeco
  • EntryPass
  • MicroEngine
  • Suprema
  • Keri Systems
  • Soyal
  • Vandebilt

Preventive Maintenance

For medium to large system implementation, it is good to have regular maintenance.  During our visit, we will back up the database, ensure that all devices are online, align locks and check the condition of the backup batteries.

We offer quarterly preventive maintenance programs to keep your system operational.

door access servicing

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