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Door Accessories

Accessories That Complete Your Door Access

Think Door Access, Think SECUREVISION

Door Accessories that Complete the System

Door Access control systems vary widely in type and complexity.  However, most door access system consists of these basic components.  They are:

  • Access Cards
  • Readers
  • Controllers
  • Electronic Locks
  • Exit and Emergency Buttons
  • Buzzers & Indicating Lights
  • Power Supply
  • Network Switches & Workstation
door accessories for the full system

We offer a range of door accessories that complete your door access system.  Do check out our list or contact us if you have any questions.

125Khz proximity Cards door access accessories

Access Cards

Access Card technologies have greatly changed and are more secure than before. Check out our range from EM, MiFare, HID Prox, iClass and DESFire Cards.


Access Readers

Readers are connected to controllers. They are used to pick up the information from the access card and transmit the data to the controller for ID verification. Our readers extend beyond cards to include biometric fingerprint, face recognition, palm and QR Code.


Door Controllers

In the brain of the system, the controllers make the necessary decision to grant or deny access. We carry both single door controllers and multi-door controllers. Popular brands are ZKTeco, EntryPass, MicroEngine and Suprema. We also carry Vanderbilt, Kerrie, Soyal.


Access Locks

Access Locks keep doors closed. We carry a wide range of locks for glass doors, wooden doors and metal doors. The Locks ranges from EM Locks, Electronic Drop Bolt, Electric Latch and Strikes. We also carry motorised auto arms for doors and gates

No Touch Exit Button door access accessories

Exit Button Accessories

Exit Push Buttons, Emergency Breakglass and Power Supplies are essential for the operation of the door access system.

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