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Access Locks

Wide Range of Locks

Access Locks for Controlling Doors and Gates

An electronic lock (electric lock) is a locking device that operates using electricity.  These locks are connected to the door controllers which decide to grant or deny access depending on the credentials presented to the readers and any pre-determined settings in the software.

While most access locks operate on doors, it is not always the case.  The door access system can be linked to open auto-gate, turnstiles, car park barriers or even keep doors opened.

We carry a wide range of electronic access locks.  Most commonly used are Electromagnetic Locks or EM Locks.  They are cheaper and easier to install and operate.  They are used for many offices and building complexes with glass and wooden doors.  They can be used for external outdoor gates as well. We also carry drop bolts which are suitable for frameless glass doors.

VIRO V90 Electric RIM Access Locks

Access Locks for Different Applications

Ebelco 600 LED EM Access Lock

EM Locks

Electromagnetic or EM Lock are used for glass and wooden doors applications. The EM 600 lb lock is ideal for offices and buildings. For metal doors and outdoor gates, we offer 800 lbs and 1200 lbs locks. Note that the EM Lock can only keep the door locked as long as there is power.

Electronic Dropbolt Access Lock

Electric Drop Bolts

Electric Drop Bolts are mortice electric locks that can operate in either fail-safe or fail-secure mode. The door can be released or kept locked when there is a power failure. Can be used for glass doors, wooden, metal doors or pedestrian gates. Good for applications where the doors can swing inwards and outwards.


Electric Strikes

Electric Strikes are designed for use with cylindrical locks and mortise locksets. Mounted on the door frame, it can operate in fail-safe or fail-secure mode. Can be used for wooden doors and most hollow metal frames and aluminium frames.

VIRO V90 Electric RIM Access Lock

Electric Locks

Electric Rim Locks are mounted on gates and doors and can be used for swing-in or swing-out applications. They can be used for outdoor and indoor use. We also carry cabinet locks for small access control applications.


Door Holders

Magnetic Door Holders are designed to keep the doors in an open position. Normally used for Fire Doors, the doors are released only when a fire alarm is triggered.



Turnstiles using flaps or tripods are used to control access to a building or lift lobbies. The turnstiles can work with card readers, face recognition readers and Visitor Management Systems. Often found in building lobbies or entrances to clean rooms. Full height turnstiles are also available for outdoor gates.


Car Park Barriers

Car Park Barriers are used in condominiums, industrial and commercial premises to control the access and egress of vehicles going in or out of the premises. Most of these applications are tied to Long Range Readers, IU Card Readers and License Plate Recognition Cameras to determine if access should be granted or denied


Auto Gate

Auto Swing or Sliding Gate motors are commonly used in condominiums, industrial and commercial premises, and residential properties to control access. Often tied to readers, remotes, mobile apps and intercoms to control access

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