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Door Controllers

Brains Of Your Access

Door Controllers - The Brain of Door Access

Door Controllers are essentially the brain of the door access system.  The controller connects the readers and the electronic locks and makes the necessary decision of granting or denying access based on its preset programs.

The door controllers are typically linked in a network to computers and servers that ensure the integrity and performance of the system. The controllers depending on the model and the brand can handle 1, 2, 4, 8 or 10 doors. 

Zkteco ZK-C3-200-2 Door Controllers

Each controller will have the necessary ports for readers and an interface for exit buttons and output relays for electronic locks.  And the controller is designed to continue to function even if the computers or servers are down or its communication to the server is cut.

Specialised controllers for Elevator controls are available.  These controllers interface with the Lift Systems and can grant or deny access to particular floors within the specified time.

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Our Range Of Multi-Door Door Controllers

ZKTeco Multi Door Series

EntryPass Multi Door Series

MicroEngine Multi Door Series

Suprema Multi Door Series

*All prices are indicative only. 

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