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Exit Buttons

Components Needed For Completing the System

Exit Buttons Accessories

Besides Readers, Controllers and Locks, other components are needed to make the system work properly. Depending on the type of doors and your preferences, we carry a wide range of accessories to complete your system. 

The accessories include various types of Exit Buttons, Remote WIreless Keyfob, Break Glass, Bypass Keyswitches, Power Supplies and 7AH Batteries.

No Touch Exit Buttons

Exit Buttons

Exit Buttons are installed inside the premises.  Normally placed near the door, it provides a way for the user to exit.  In some situations, additional buttons may be provided at the Receptionist Table.  We provide traditional exit pushbuttons as well as contactless infra-red buttons.

Remote Keyfob

Remote Keyfobs can be added to the system to allow granting remote access within a 10-metre range.  We provide a transmitter card with 3 keyfobs.

Special Modules

We carry special purposed modules that can be added to the Door Access System.  

  • Door Forced Open Alert 
  • Door Kept Open
  • Door Interlock for high-security interlocking doors

They worked with door contacts that used for ensuring the doors are closed or for interlocking doors.

Emergency Breakglass

Emergency Breakglass are a requirement for all Access Control doors.  In a fire emergency, the user can break the glass, freeing the door so that escape is possible.

We carry two types.  The traditional Emergency Breakglass and the Resettable Breakglass.  To differentiate the broken glass from the Fire Alarm Breakglass, Door Access Breakglass are usually white or green.

Bypass Key Switch

Bypass key switches are sometimes installed outside the premises.  The key switch allows the user to bypass the Access Control and keep the door open.  The Bypass key switch comes with 3 mechanical keys.

Power Supply

The door Access System and its peripheral components work on 12Vdc.  A power supply is required to convert the 220 Vac to 12Vdc.  Normally the Power Supply is rated 3A or 5A.

7AH Battery

All door access controllers should be equipped with a 7AH battery to keep the system operating for up to 2 hours in the event of a power failure.

Do note that batteries should be changed once every 3 years.  

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