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Hikvision HD Cameras Turbo

Upgrade your Analogue to HD for Sharper and Clearer Image

Upgrade Your Analogue to HD Sharper with Hikvision HD Cameras

With the Turbo Series, Hikvision sets a higher bar for HD-over coaxial solutions, bringing superior picture quality and more smart features to the analogue world.

Hikvision HD Cameras Turbo Series create a migration path for analogue CCTV system to High Definition without the need for re-wiring. It can use your existing analogue cabling infrastructure, reducing your transition costs.

The beauty of the Turbo Series lies in the DVR ability to handle both analogue and HD Analogue, making it possible for you to change the analogue cameras to HD as and when the cameras fail and need replacement. Click here for Hikvision’s introduction to HD Migration.

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Hikvision’s Turbo HD Cameras are divided into 5 major series offering various features and capabilities.  

  • WebCam Series features plug-and-play cameras with up to 4K resolutions.  Can be widely used for various applications including video conferencing
  • IoT Series features PIR cameras that can detect PIR emitted from heat sources
  • Value Series offer cost-effective high-quality video surveillance solutions for many homes and SMB applications
  • Pro series provides high-quality imaging via several technologies including ultra high definition technology, ultra low light technology
  • Ultra Series captures the ultra-high quality and high definition cameras.
Hikvision HD Cameras

Hikvision HD Cameras - Value Series

While Hikvision carries 5 ranges, we recommend the Value Series.  This series offers the best value for clients who are planning to move to completely IP Network sometimes in the future but in the meantime wants to see an improvement in their camera images.

And for most of our clients, we recommend that they should eventually exist out of HD Analogue and move to fully IP. So this Analog to HD Analog plan is an interim transition path.  Their intention in most cases was to tap the technology to yield immediate better quality images.  

And in the future where the budget permits or where there is an upgrading, they can move fully to an IP Network System which allow greater integration.  Hence the Value Series offers the best option for High Resolution and Budget prices.

*All prices are indicative only. 

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