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IP Network CCTV

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IP Network CCTV For Sharper Better Image

Technological advances have rendered analogue cameras a thing of the past. IP Network Cameras are the current default. 

Higher Image Definition

IP Cameras provide higher video quality, faster transmission speed and greater storage options. 

With its higher definition images, it is possible to digitally zoom in and makeup details that would be lost to an analogue camera. Being digital, it is easier to encrypt and compress the image for faster transmission. It also occupies lesser space on a hard disk, optimising your hard disk storage.

Image Resolution

The best image quality possible for analogue cameras is 720 x 480 pixels. By comparison, IP Network cameras offer greater resolutions from 1MP (1280 x 720) up to 8MP (3840 x 2160).  With the higher resolution, you can digitally zoom into an area of interest and see what is happening.

IP Network CCTV Recommended Resolution

For most of our applications for homes, offices, and buildings, 2MP (1920 x 1080) and 4MP (2688 x 1520) cameras should be sufficient. (Click here to see the comparison between 2MP and 5MP)

We can consider using 8MP if you are surveilling a wide-open area where you may need that resolution to zoom in without pixelization. Or you could be operating a store where you need to capture and differentiate fine details such as the box marking. (Click here to compare 5MP to 8MP) 

Digital Integration

And being digital, the cameras can be integrated with other security systems such as door access, burglar alarm, and building automation. Cameras images are pulled and integrated with Door Access Software when an entry is granted. For Burglar Alarm Systems like the LightSYS and the AJAX, the images are integrated with the alarm and sent for video verification.

Video Analytics Software like the EoCortex allow Security Guards to trace, track and identify potential threats and possible suspects. The Software using powerful AI and deep learning identify possible violation and draw the guard’s attention to the possible threate. CCTV

Smart Applications with IP CCTV Network

License Plate Recognition

Use for managing car park access, the cameras recognised the License Plate Number and permit authorised vehicles to enter or exit. (Click here to see CarSafe LPR in action)

IP Network CCTV Cameras used for speed regulation and enforcement

Face Detection and Recognition

Installed in many public facilities and open areas, IP Network Cameras capture videos that can be used to identify and track person-of-interest for the purpose of policing and anti-terrorism surveillance. 

Powerful software like the Eocortex can sort through the images and filter out and show only what is relevant like the colour of a vehicle or clothes, the gender or age, saving the police hours.

Video Analytics

Use AI to detect abnormalities.  It has wide applications from identifying abandoned objects to perimeter intrusion.

Check out our Monitoreal Video Assistant and our full-featured Eocortex Video Management Software.

IP Network Cameras with built-in video analytics to identify objects

Our CCTV Partners and Products

Hikvision CCTV

We are the Authorised Dealer Partner for Hikvsion.  As the world’s largest manufacturer of CCTV, the Hikvision brand is well accepted and recognised both locally and globally.  And they can be trusted to continue the support for their products and their software for years to come.

As CCTV professionals, we recommend and carry their Pro and Ultra Series for NVR and Cameras.  Both series are well suited for homes, small to medium businesses, and larger extensive projects.

Hikvision IP Network Pro Series

Hikvision Pro Series

Hikvision Pro Series NVRs feature optimized H.265+ and H.264+ compression codecs, enabling highly effective bandwidth and storage management. The Pro Series is the ideal solution for small to medium-size businesses.

Hikvision IP Network NVR for video storage

Hikvision Ultra Series

Hikvision Ultra Series NVRs feature optimized H.265+ and H.264+ compression codecs with RAID storage management. The Ultra Series is the ideal solution for a larger installation

Hikvision IP Network Cameras range from fixed dome to Speed Dome

Hikvision Pro Series Cameras

The Pro-Series Cameras aim to provide just the right components, including intelligent features that are affordable and easy to use

Monitoreal Video Security Assistant

Monitoreal is a highly accurate video analytics on-premise device for home and SMB applications.  It monitors up to 8 cameras and uses advanced object detection so you can see the things you want (people, vehicles, animals) and ignore the things you don’t.

Play Video about Monitoreal-Video-Front

Eocortex VMS

Eocortex is an innovative company specialising in IP Video Analytics for CCTV Systems. With over 700,000 cameras implementations, Eocortex brings surveillance intelligence to security implementation.

Suitable for small retail and offices, and large scale governmental facilities and institutions. Eocortex is modular and scalable.

Play Video about Eocortex-Video-Analytics

Lizvie Covert Cameras

Marketing under Lizvie, Shenzhen Goodflys Technology Co Ltd focuses on providing smart home products and turnkey solutions that are based on cloud technology.  Their products integrate video recording, safety monitor functions into many practical consumer products such as Smart Clock and Flood Lights Cameras,

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