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Covert Cameras

When Hidden Cameras is Better

Covert Cameras for applications where hidden camera is better

Covert or Hidden Cameras are miniature cameras that are installed in normal ordinary objects like clocks or smoke detectors.  The cameras are embedded into these objects invisible to the subject being monitored.  And many of the covert cameras come equipped with built-in microphones and wifi that allow you to monitor and eavesdrop via your mobile phone app.

Unlike the professionally installed cameras that are visible, these covert cameras do not serve the function of deterrence.  And for some users, it may even be an infringement of privacy and possibly a crime.

For that reason, we do not recommend covert cameras.  However, we have met many clients who have legitimate needs for covert cameras and who have enquired if we carry them.  For many, these cameras are non-intrusive, wireless and are portable.  Applications range from monitoring and watching babies and young children, to supervising and monitoring elderly parents.  Ultimately the responsibility lies with the user to use it with the right intention.  Do note that for the range of covert cameras listed here, we do not install except for the Smart Flood Light GF-L300Base.


Flood Light Covert Camera

Coming home to a dark front porch can be a hassle as you need to struggle to open your front door.  More than that, it can pose a safety hazard as you do not know what you might step on, or who could be waiting for you in the dark.  Having lights turned on automatically when you approach not only help you find your way, it served as a good deterrent to would-be intruders.

It is common for many houses to install motion-triggered floodlights at the driveway, in front of the car porch or on the sides and back of the house.  Powered by 230 volts ac, these floodlights are equipped with motion sensors and lux sensors to trigger motion and only when it is dark.

moition triggered covert camera

Lizvie GF-L300

The Lizvie GF-L300Base Smart Flood Light Camera does everything that a LED Motion Flood Light does, and more.

The GF-L300Base has a 2MP camera and PIR Motion Sensor, supported by a mobile App.  All settings are performed on the mobile phone app.  And on the App, you can set the time when the motion sensors come into play, the duration the floodlight should turn on, and if you want the built-in siren to trigger.

In addition, you can receive notifications on your App, listen in or speak with the intruder.  You can also turn on and off the light using your mobile or trigger the siren. 

And to top it all, the GF-L300Base runs on wifi so you do not need to run extra cable.  The GF-L300Base is a good replacement for the LED motion Floodlight.  Just remove the old floodlight and connect the ac power to the GF-L300Base, and it is good to go.

Download the APP, follow the configuration guide and it is up and running.  Do note however as it runs on your wifi, your wifi signal should be strong and stable so that you can view the cameras on your APP. And for recording, you can insert a memory card for video storage.

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Covert Camera Clocks

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Most Covert Cameras are wifi enabled and powered by USB.  As such, most are meant to be placed on tabletops where there is access to a power plug.  For cameras that needed to be mounted on walls, you may need to provide some power source near the area.  We do not carry portable battery-packed hidden cameras like those hidden in pens and spectacles; or those in USB chargers.

*All prices are indicative only. 

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