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Monitoreal Video Security Assistant

See What Matters

Monitoreal Video Security Assistant sends only alerts that matters

Based in Cyprus, Monitoreal is on the cutting edge of AI technology.  The Monitoreal Base and Pro Security Assistant can work with any IP camera.  With its built-in smart AI applications, Monitoreal can identify objects, animals and people.

Monitoreal smart video monitoring assistant keeps your private data off the cloud.  Its algorithms are easily customisable and easy to set up.  By setting your own rules for instant alerts about objects, people or animals, you receive only alerts that matter.

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Monitoreal Video Security Assistant

Monitoreal features 2 powerful AI Series. 

  • Base Version
  • Pro Version

Both versions support the smart AI-powered automation of sending alerts when customised rules are met.  This could be when an intruder is spotted at night near your house.  Or goods leaving the warehouse after office hours.  The rules are easy to set up and both versions work with all IP network cameras.  

Base Version

The Base Version support up to 6 IP Cameras and is ideal for homes and small businesses.  It works with your existing cameras and your recorders.  So even if you have 16 cameras installed, you can select which cameras come through Monitoreal.  Let Monitoreal enhance your CCTV.

Pro Version

The Pro Version support up to 8 IP Cameras and features more powerful AI like Deep Sight Mode which is two times more accurate for object detection.  New features that are being added include object counting.

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