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Multi-Door Access

Door Access For Buildings and Offices

Think Door Access, Think SECUREVISION

Multi-Door Access for Large Offices and Buildings

A Multi-Door Access System should be used for buildings and large offices that plan to control many doors.

Compared to the single door access readers, a multi-door system is more cost-effective and gives you greater control and flexibility.

multi-door access for commercial buildings, condominiums and Offices

Access Management Software

Multi-door Access systems have dedicated software running on a computer or in the cloud. The software is used to program and set up the configuration of controllers and readers, and to set up rules for granting access as well as managing the credentials.

The software allows you to set critical security functions like anti-passback, door interlocks, blacklisting, access door groups and time groups. You can also set event-triggered presets such as how the doors should act in the event of fire or floods.

More importantly, with the powerful software, all door access points can be centrally controlled and programmed from an on-site computer, web browsers or mobile apps. And for powerful Access Management Software like the ZKBio Security, you can integrate the Access Management with CCTV Surveillance and other building systems to a unified platform. A good example of such a software is the ZKBioSecurity Access Management

Multi-Door Access Controllers

With a multi-door access system, door access controllers are used to connect readers and locks. 

More Secure than Single Door Readers

The door access controllers are installed within the premises, and kept in a locked metal enclosure, making it secure from tampering. In some cases, the door access controllers may be located in the server room, making it even more secured. 

By comparison, the Single Door Access Reader is installed outside the premises. It can be tampered with. In the worst case, it can even be removed. Hence for secured sites, we would always advocate using Door Access Controllers.

More Cost-Effective For Multi-Door Access

The Door Access Controllers can connect 2, 4 or 8 doors making them cost-effective for multiple doors implementation. The door access controller can support a wide range of readers, making upgrading to higher and better technology possible.

For example, a company could start with using card and PIN readers for their premises. But as the needs arise that need to tighten the security of biometrics, they can do this simply by changing the reader.

Multi-Door Access Modes Flexibility

Multi door access control systems can use one or more methods of controlling access to the premises.  Depending on the security complexity, it can handle a mixture of technologies for different doors.

For example, access to the premises can be by card during the day, and card and PIN during the night.  More sensitive areas can be secured requiring biometrics together with Card and PIN. 

With Multi-Door System, you can upgrade or tighten the security by changing the types of readers without changing the controllers and software.

biometric-face-recognition-for-tighter-security and time and attendance

Multi-Door Access Range

We are the Authorised Dealer Partner for a range of reputable Door Access Systems.  The decision of which range to use should be carefully evaluated based on current and future needs, and how the system will be used.  

For enterprises that operate across multiple sites, with deep integration to CCTV, Lift Controls, Visitor Management System, our go-to system would be ZKTeco.  For all other applications that manage many doors but without the complicated integration, ZKTeco, EntryPass, MicroEngine and Suprema will do more than an adequate job.  Then it is an issue of the budget as well as what existing systems were already in place.

To feel free to contact us for a discussion and evaluate how to take your Door Access System to the next level.


ZKTeco Access Control

ZKTeco’s Access Control Systems meet an enormous range of needs, from those of small single sites through to complex multisite networks across the country and even the globe. ZKTeco has 30 years of experience in designing and delivering a full spectrum of access.


EntryPass Multi-Door Controller System

The Entrypass Platform 1 is developed to enhance scalability while providing the freedom to limit or extend its scalability reach. Designed as a client server-based Windows application, Platform 1 is powerful and provides many integrated features.


MicroEngine Multi-Door System

MicroEngine is flexible, efficient and powerful system software that offers great versatility. xPortalNet comes with DESFire High-Security System Software that supports a full DESFire 64-bit card system up to 20 digits Card Serial Number (CSN) and Card ID (CID).


Suprema Access Control

Suprema BioStar 2 is a web-based, open, and integrated security platform that provides comprehensive functionality for access control, time & attendance management, visitor management, and video log maintenance.

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