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ZKTeco Door Access

Simplicity at its Best

ZKTeco Door Access - The Preferred Choice

ZKTeco Door Access is a globally renowned enterprise with biometric verifications as its core techniques. They dedicate themselves to the three industries including

  • Biometric Verification Core Technique Empowerment
  • Smart Entrance & Exit Software Platform Empowerment
  • ZKTeco Smart Office Cloud Platform Empowerment
  • ZKTeco has approximately 3,500 employees globally. 


Among them are around 1,000 R&D staff. ZKTeco has various centres for development, design and innovations in Silicon Valley, Europe, India, Dongguan, Xiamen and Dalian. At present, ZKTeco’s smart terminals were already implemented in many 500 global top enterprises. And its business cover over 100 countries and regions.

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ZKTeco Software - Comprehensive Solution For Every Need

Providing comprehensive solutions is always ZKTeco’s primary goal.  In the 21st century, a complete solution represents a combination of software and hardware.  As a well-known biometric solution provider, ZKTeco has developed a series of cutting-edge and user-friendly software that provides users with a unique biometric experience.

  • BioTime 8.0 is a powerful Web-based Time & Attendance Management Software designed to work with ZKTeco standalone push communication devices with Ethernet/Wi-Fi/GPRS/4G.
  • ZKBio Access IVS is a lite web-based security platform that provides multi-functionality of small-to-medium businesses.  It integrates Personnel Management, Access Control, Attendance, Video Surveillance in a common platform.
  • ZKBio Security ISP is designed for large scale implementation of buildings and facilities.  It integrates Access Control, Video Surveillance, Elevator Controls and Car Park Management.
ZKTeco Door Access Topology allow expansion and scalabiility

ZKTeco Software and Devices

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