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Single Door Access

Door Access Readers for Single Door

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Single Door Access Readers for Offices

A Single Door Access Reader is a reader with a built-in controller. The door reader is both the reader and the brain of the system.  It is where the program is stored and the decision to grant access is made. 

It reads the credentials of cards (EM or Mifare), identifies fingerprints, faces or palms of the person seeking access, and makes the important decision whether access should be granted or not.

Single Door Access Standalone Reader

Programming is via the keypad. The instructions to add or delete users are simple and easy to follow. Some Readers come with LCD display screens which greatly simplifies the programming.

The Single Door Readers can be standalone or networked. Standalone readers are the simplest in the range. WIth standalone readers, you cannot link it to a computer or access the access logs remotely. 

Network Door Readers can be linked to a network and can be accessed via a computer. Network Readers can also operate standalone as well.

Standalone Single Door Access Readers

Standalone Reader Controllers are the simplest of their range.  It does not have any communication capability and cannot be connected to a computer or a network.  All programming is performed on the keypad.  It does not provide any audit trails or reports of who enters or what time he enters.  

Such a standalone reader is ideal for small offices of less than 10 people.  It is also commonly used to control access for side gates in homes and private residences.  

Network Single Door Readers

Network Single Door Reader Controllers can work in a standalone mode.  It can also be connected to a computer using a network cable, wifi or using SF Cards.  The advantage of a network single door controller is its scalability.  Perhaps when you first started, you may only need to control a single door.  But as time goes on, you may have expanded your office and need to control more doors.  This is where the network single door controller comes in.  

As you add new Reader Controllers, you can link them to the computer and use the software to update and control access.  There is no need to set the programming reader by reader.  It gives you greater flexibility and expandability.  So we recommend a network for customers who may expand their access control.

Such a network reader is ideal for small and medium offices with less than 50 people. 

Our Range of Network Single Door Access Readers

We carry and support a wide range of Network Single Door Access Readers. With the advancement in technology and the COVID19 pandemic, we are seeing a move to Face Recognition. 

We are also seeing more demand for the readers to be accessible on mobile apps and for setting up and programming from the cloud. Do check out our range, particularly from ZKTeco.

  • ZKTeco – See the SpeedFace
  • Suprema’s range of BioStar Biolite Fingerprint Readers
  • MicroEngine range of XP readers
  • EntryPass range of Entrymin
  • Hikvision range of card and face readers
  • Soyal range of card and PIN readers

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