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Automate Your Attendance Taking

Time and Attendance

Clocking In and Out the Smart Way. Think SECUREVISION

Upgrade to Smart Face Scanner for Time and Attendance

A time clock or punch card machine is a device that records the start and end times for employees. A time card slotted into the machine is time stamped. The time card serves as a timesheet for calculating the hours worked.

Such machines have been in practice for many years. Unfortunately the system is subject to misuse and abuse. It is not uncommon to clock in or clock out for another colleague. And the calculation of the hours is often manual and labourous.
traditional puch card machine for time and attendance

Time and Attendance Biometric Clocking In and Out

With today’s technology, more people are switching to electronic biometric readers. These readers use fingerprints, faces or palms to record the attendance of the employees.

The readers connect to a computer in a network. The data outputs to an excel file and send to the HR Payroll system for calculation of pay.
biometric-face-recognition-for-tighter-security and time and attendance

ZKTeco Time and Attendance

ZKTeco BioTime 8.0 Software

BioTime 8.0 is a powerful web-based time and attendance management software. It provides a stable connection between the workstation and ZKTeco’s Readers connected. The readers are linked to the workstation via ethernet, wifi, and GPRS/3G.

Many administrators can access BioTime 8.0 anywhere using a web browser. And BioTime can support hundreds of devices over many different locations.

BioTime 8.0 comes with a friendly user interface. You can manage timetables, shift and schedule and generate attendance reports. 

BioTime 8.0 is compatible with ZKTeco’s SpeedFace V4LM1 and the SpeedFace M4.

ZKTeco SpeedFace Readers

ZKTeco SpeedFace Biometric Readers feature visible light facial recognition linked to the BioTime Software for Time and Attendance logging. 

We carry a range of such biometric readers depending on your requirement and the functions you need. The Speedface V4LM1 and the SpeedFace M4 are the two most popular in our range.

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