Wired Burglar Alarm

Protect Your Premises with our Trusted Wired Burglar Alarm

Know your family is SAFE and SECURE 

Secure Your Home with Wired Burglar Alarm

Burglars are 3 times less likely to break into homes with an Alarm.

Protect your home from burglary and fire with our range of Wired Burglar Alarm Systems.  If you are renovating or have yet to move into your new house, this is a good time to install a Wired Burglar Alarm System.

We carry a wide range of wired burglar alarm panels.  Feel free to browse and call us if you have any queries.

Burglars less likely to break into homes with wired burglar alarm

How to Choose a Wired Burglar Alarm?

There are many burglar alarm brands you can choose from. But how do go about making that selection?

Burglar alarm panels can last for 10 years and more. It is important to choose a reliable brand and some installers and integrators can support and service that brand.

We chose and represent brands that are reliable and have an established customer and installer base. That way, our customers can always get support from us or other integrators.

installing-wired-alarm-system by our burglar alarm services team

Check Out Our Wired Products

RISCO LightSYS2 Wired Alarm

*RISCO LightSys* Alarm

Professional Hybrid Security System support 3G IP Communication with Mobile Apps and Video Verification

Paradox Spectra Wired Alarm System from Canada

Paradox Spectra Alarm

Spectra Security features an expandable system with a user-friendly keypad. Mobile Apps optional

DSC PowerSeries Wired Alarm Series

DSC PowerSeries Alarm

Feature-rich reliable Alarm Panel that integrates with compatible components to deliver scalable solutions


GE Caddx NetworX (Obsolete)

Obsolete since 2019. Spare parts are limited. Recommend replacement with RISCO LighSys. Can use back all existing sensors and cabling.

RISCO LightSYS - Our Preferred Alarm System

RISCO LightSYS is our preferred alarm panel. They feature user-friendly mobile Apps with integration to video. The Panel comes network-enabled with optional SMS capability. More importantly, they are committed to upgrading and developing their product range. The latest in their lineup is the RISCO LightSYS+

Play Video about Risco LIghtSYS Plus WIred Burglar Alarm

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Reduce False Alarm

A false alarm is a nuisance and annoying both for you and your neighbours. If you have good neighbours, they may help keep an eye on your premises. But if false alarms occur regularly, they may just ignore them. So it is important to keep false alarms to a minimum.

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How Your Burglar Alarm Work?

A Burglar Alarm System comrpise a controller, keypads, detectors and sirens. The controller is the brain and is equipped with inputs often referred to as Zones. Keypads are the user interface of the system.

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