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Wireless Burglar Alarm

Protection without messy cabling

Keep your family SAFE with SECUREVISION

Protect your loved ones with Wireless Burglar Alarm

Do not worry.  Even if you have just moved into the newly renovated home, it is still not late.

Contact us and check out our range of wireless burglar alarm systems.  They feature the latest wireless encryption and offer mobile Apps control and monitoring.

We strongly recommend the AJAX Hub Plus for its sleek design and powerful features. They were awarded the prestigious PSI Premier Awards 2020. 

thinking about installing wireless burglar alarm

Check Out Our Wireless Alarm Range

We support 4 range of wireless systems. Of the 4, we highly recommend the AJAX for its sleek modern look and high technological features and breakthrough. The sensors are beautifully designed and have better coverage. Ideal for homes with multi-tier levels.

AJAX Alarm - Hub Wireless Alarm

*AJax Hub Plus Wireless*

Sleek and elegant, Jax manages and monitors all wireless devices. Can be table stop or wall mounted

RISCO SecuPlace Wireless Alarm

RISCO SecuPlace

Wireless, Wi-Fi enabled, easy to install. It features a One Button Automatic Configuration and lives video verification.

Paradox Magellan Wireless Alarm

Paradox Magellan

Intelligent Wireless that simplifies your life. Family message centre and FM radio, with a clean design.


DSC PowerSeries NEO

The flexibility of a modular hardwired system with wireless capability supports a wide range of wireless devices.

Did you find what you need?

Feel free to call or WhatsApp us on an issue you may be facing.  Or send us an email and let us get back to you.  Contact Us

reduce false alarm

Reduce False Alarm

A false alarm is a nuisance and annoying both for you and your neighbours. If you have good neighbours, they may help keep an eye on your premises. But if false alarms occur regularly, they may just ignore them. So it is important to keep false alarms to a minimum.

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know your detectors

Know Your Detectors and Sensors

We use different detectors and sensors to detect intrusion. These detectors may be installed externally or along the perimeter of the premises such as fence intrusions, door and window contacts.

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burglar alarm maintenance engineer check list for hazards and risk

Maintain Your Burglar Alarm

How do you maintain your alarm? A good way is to perform a regular walk-test. Arm the system and open windows and doors to trigger the alarm. And check that you receive notification on your mobile phones.

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