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Ajax Alarm protects you - Wireless and Effective

The Preferred Choice for Wireless. Sleek and Elegant

Ajax Alarm - Design of the Future

Founded in 2011, AJAX believes that people should not have to live in fear in today’s world. Hence they are continually evolving and innovating the Ajax Alarm system to give people the desired peace of mind. So when you have the reliable protection of AJAX, you are safe from thieves, fires or leaks that can cause real harm to property and people. Sold in over 120 countries, with over 1,000,000 homes securely protected under AJAX, AjAX continues to create solutions that stand on the cutting edge of technology and science. Sleek, modern and effective, AJAX is our preferred choice for Wireless Alarm.
AJAX Alarm - Hub Wireless Alarm

The Ajax Hub Plus is sleek and elegant and can be mounted on the wall or a table.  It manages all wireless devices within the security system and continuously monitors all devices against malfunctions or connection failures.  

During power failure, the hub will stay on its mission powered by a backup battery.  All the wireless devices are powered by a battery that can last up to 7 years.  It notifies users and an alarm response company about any threats instantly.  The use of two-way communication allows hubs to send alarm signals, configure devices remotely, and constantly monitor the systems’ state.

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Replace Your Old Wired Alarm with AJAXAlarm MultiTransmitter

Looking at replacing your old wired alarm system? Consider using the Ajax Alarm MultiTransmitter. The AJAX MultiTransmitter Integration module replaces your old wired burglar alarm panel and connects its devices to the hub.  With the MultiTransmitter, wired devices get smart Ajax capabilities: smartphone control, informative notifications and security automation.

The integration module has 18 wired zones for connecting devices and tampers.  The MultiTransmitter provides a 12 V / 1 A power supply for devices and has separate power terminals for fire detectors. The module operates from a 110/220 V grid and allows installing a backup battery into the body.

So if you have an old NetworX alarm panel or a brand that is no longer supported, contact us and “renovate” your alarm system. 

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Beyond Security

Enjoy the state of art protection that comes with Ajax.  Incorporate a MotionCam and boost your security.  View what is going on from the comfort of your mobile phone. Receive an alert in real-time and verify the alarm.  Ajax mobile phone apps are intuitive and you can add smart home features to your system.

Ajax devices can cover a range of up to 35 km² which makes them ideal for large facilities.

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AJAX Wireless Accessories

AJAX Wireless Door Sensor

Ajax DoorProtect

Wireless Magnetic Opening Detector for windows and doors

AJAX Wireless Motion Sensor

Ajax MotionProtect

Wireless Pet Immune Motion Detector (Indoor). Incorporate auto temperature compensation

AJAX Wireless Siren

Ajax StreetSiren

Wireless Outdoor Siren. Equipped with a bright LED frame and pre-installed battery. Can operate for up to 5 years



Two-way wireless keypad

AJAX Wireless Panic Button

Ajax Button

Wireless Panic Button


Ajax SpaceControl

Two-way wireless key fob with panic button

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