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RISCO SecuPlace Wireless Alarm

Wireless Alarm For Your Home

RISCO SecuPlace for homes & small Offices

As a technological leader, RISCO Group is well established with its wide range of detection sensors and hard-wired burglar alarm systems. The LightSYS2 is a prime example of its technological excellence, particularly with its cloud-based security and video verification.

It is not surprising that RISCO would also launch its own range of wireless alarm panels to complement and meet the market needs. The SecuPlace is one of its two wireless offerings. Here in Singapore, we bring in the RISCO SecuPlace.


RISCO SecuPlace Wireless Alarm

RISCO SecuPlace Wireless Alarm offers professional-level security and a wider range of features than standard alarm systems:

  • Simple, flexible installation, a fully wireless, Wi-Fi enabled system offering quick and easy installation in any location with one-button automatic configuration
  • Convenience and peace of mind, smartphone and web app enable full control on the go, anywhere, anytime
  • Total control of live video verification and live video on demand using IP cameras
  • Field-proven and reliable with versatile communication options including GSM/3G and Wi-Fi
  • A complete solution for the home or business – A wide range of accessories available including motion, curtain, magnet, smoke and vibration detectors, offering both security and safety
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RISCO SecuPlace incorporate Video Verification

Like RISCO LightSYS, the SecuPlace Wireless Alarm is capable of integrating IP Cameras to provide live video verification in the event of an alarm. 

With VUpoint, you do not need to guess if the alarm is genuine or false. VUPoint sends you photos and videos before and after the alarm according to your settings. YOu can view the photos and play the video to determine if the alarm was genuine and decide your next course of action. And all this can be achieved on the RISCO mobile App – iRISCO.

Play Video about RISCO VUpoint P2P video verification


We are quite use to doing everything on our mobile phone. RISCO have developed the iRISCO Mobile App to allow you to enjoy the peace of mind command and control from the comfort of your mobile phone app.  

With iRISCO App, you can arm or disarm your alarm system as well as receive alarm and activation notification on your App.

And wherever you are, you can easily check the status of your alarm. With VUpoint, you can also view your IP Cameras and verify alarms before activating the police.

Play Video about irisco smart burglar alarm phone app

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