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mobile wifi remote control app for auto gate

Add Wifi Remote Control To Your Gate

Whether you have a sliding gate or a swing gate, automating the gate saves you time and effort. You no longer need to get out of your car or house to open or close the gate.

With a remote keyfob, you can even open the gate when you are near. Some keyfobs allow you to open the gate even when you are 10 meters away.

remote key fob for auto gate

Issues with Keyfobs

While they are convenient, there are certain issues with keyfobs. They operate on batteries which means they needed to be changed. They are placed in pockets and handbags and are subjected to physical damage, requiring a replacement. And as they operate on certain frequency bandwidth, it is not uncommon for the same keyfob to be able to operate another house’s autogate.

Wifi Remote Control App with Tuya

With the advancement in technology, particularly in the area of home automation, we are happy to introduce the YET402 Wifi 2 Channel Receiver.

The YET402 is a dual system controller with Remote Control and Wifi Remote Control. You can teach the YET402 to communicate and recognise your remote keyfobs.

Tuya mobile app 2 channel receiver for auto gate

The YET402 works with Tuya Mobile App. You can use your mobile app to open or close the gate from anywhere. And installation is easy. The YET402 is small enough to be added in the control panel. And it can scan and join your house wifi to gain access to the internet.

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