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Burglar Alarm Services

Looking for help? Our Burglar Alarm Services Team are here to help you


Keep Your Burglar Alarm Operational with Our Burglar Alarm Services Plans

Installing a Burglar Alarm System is just the first step in securing your premises.  Keeping it operational at all times is key.

Routine testing of your alarm ensures that it is operational and it is there for you when you need it. Contact our Burglar Alarm Service Teams for on-site audits and checks.

Subscribe to our Burglar Alarm Service Maintenance Program and keep your family safe.

peace of mind knowing your burglar alarm is serviced by Securevision burglar alarm services team

Burglar Alarm Breakdown Servicing

Have issues with your Burglar Alarm?  Not sure how it works?  Or perhaps you just took over the premises and you would like to check the status of the alarm system.

Contact us at +65 6286 4796.  We can dispatch our technicians to help check and rectify the system.  

Our breakdown call charges are from $120 onwards.  A full burglar alarm system audit checks are from $400 onwards.

burglar alarm services trouble lights up on keypad. Contact Securevision

Burglar Alarm Preventive Maintenance

A good way to ensure that your system is always operational is to test it. Test your system at least once a year.  Close all the windows and doors, bypass the motion sensors and arm the system.  And activate the alarm by opening the doors and windows.   

Or you can subscribe to our Preventive Maintenance Package.  W can come to your premises and check your systems once a year, twice or four times a year. 

Contact us and check out our Maintenance Package. Annual fee from $480.00.

installing-wired-alarm-system by our burglar alarm services team

SMS Alert For Burglar Alarm

Your Burglar Alarm Panel can be programmed to contact our SMS Alert Service.  Our SMS Servers will intercept and interpret the coded messages and deliver the critical information to you via SMS.

We can send the SMS to 3 designated persons, notifying them of the status of every alarm event. Each SMS message can be customised so that you will know the exact area where the alarm is triggered.

We can even inform you when and who arm or disarm the system. Annual Fee from S$240.00.


Central Alarm Monitoring

Connect your alarm system to a central alarm monitoring service for reliable 24-hour emergency response.

In the event of an alarm, your burglar alarm panel will send an encrypted message via the telephone line to the Central Station. The alarm will be identified and an officer on duty will contact your designated contact list and/or the police.

We have tied up with Chubb Security to provide you with 24 hours 7 days a week of peace of mind monitoring. The annual fee is from $480.00 onwards. (Only for burglar alarm systems installed by us.)

Central Burglar Alarm Monitoring Service

What is Monitoring?

A burglar alarm system triggers a loud siren to attract attention when it detects an intrusion. How effective it is will depend on whether the response of people in its vicinity.

Unfortunately, we cannot always depend on our neighbours who may not be around or who may ignore the alarm, thinking it is another false alarm. To make the system fully effective, it is good to link the system via the telephone line to a Central Alarm Monitoring Station.

burglar alarm monitoring service help watch over your house in case your neighbours are not watching

How does Monitoring works?

Your Security System is programmed to dial out to the Central Alarm Monitoring Station in the event of an alarm activation.

When an alarm occurs, the security system will send a coded signal to our Central Alarm Monitoring Station where the message is decoded and processed by our state-of-the-art computerized system.

Your details and pre-determined instructions will be displayed on a computer screen, where our highly trained dedicated officers will be alerted and take immediate action to alert the relevant authorities.

how central alarm monitoring service work

Did you find what you need?

Feel free to call or WhatsApp us on an issue you may be facing.  Or send us an email and let us get back to you.  Contact Us

know your detectors

Know Your Detectors and Sensors

We use different detectors and sensors to detect intrusion. These detectors may be installed externally or along the perimeter of the premises such as fence intrusions, door and window contacts.

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burglar alarm maintenance engineer check list for hazards and risk

Maintain Your Burglar Alarm

How do you maintain your alarm? A good way is to perform a regular walk-test. Arm the system and open windows and doors to trigger the alarm. And check that you receive notification on your mobile phones.

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using burglar alarm

Using Your Alarm

The Alarm System comprises the main panel, keypads, detectors and sensors, and Siren. The keypad is the user interface to the system. Through the keypad, the user can check the status of the system, arm and disarm, or activate panic alarms.

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