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burglar alarm maintenance engineer check list for hazards and risk

Maintain Your Burglar Alarm

Installing a burglar alarm system is a smart decision. However, you need to maintain your burglar alarm system. Keeping your home safe requires more than simply installing the system. You need to give it the occasional alarm checks to ensure that it will work when it needs to.

Users can perform simple regular checks. And if there is a problem with the system, the system is smart enough to indicate the trouble and display it on the keypad or on the mobile app.


Check Your Burglar Alarm Status Regularly

Depending on the system that was installed, you can use the keypad to check the status of your system. Look at the alarm history to check the zones that had triggered an alarm. If a zone is triggering a false alarm, it may be time to get the technicians to check the devices.

Look at the status history to check if there were any faults reported. The keypad will intermittently beep to remind you that there is a fault. The most common fault reported are communication and battery faults. The system will automatically test the battery and phone lines and if there was an issue, it will appear.

Communication faults encountered could be faulty telephone lines or when the system attempts to send out a message, it fails to communicate as the other party’s line is busy. Such faults can be cleared the next time you arm and disarm.

Change The Burglar Alarm System’s Battery

Battery faults are encountered when the system tests the battery and fails to take over. The battery should be replaced. The battery used is the 7AH battery and should be replaced once every 3 years. The battery is located inside the Alarm Panel

burglar alarm maintenance include changing 7AH battery regulalry

Maintain Your Burglar Alarm with a Walk-Test

Perform a Walk-Test by setting the system in the arm mode. And conduct a walkthrough, triggering an alarm. If you are linked to a Central Monitoring Station, do inform them that you are doing a Walk-Test.

Let Us Maintain Your Burglar Alarm

Consider signing for our Service Plan. We offer an Annual and Bi-Annual Plan where we will perform the checks and test the system once a year or twice a year. During our visit, we will perform the walk-test and test each alarm zone. We will re-evaluate the state of the sensors and will recommend any replacement or upgrade.

Our charges are from S$400 onwards.

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