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mechanical locks are not safe as keys are not safe as easy to duplicate

What is wrong with mechanical locks?

Weakness of Mechanical Locks

A pin tumbler lock comprises a series of spring-loaded stacks called pin stacks. Each pin stack comprises two pins stacked on top of each other. The two pins are the key pin and the driver pin. The key pin is the one that touches the key.

mechanical pin lock not secure

Inserting the right key into the lock aligns the key pins and the driver pins along a shear line. Rotating the key will turn the cylinder, releasing the lock. When no key or the wrong key is in the lock, pin misalignment prevents the cylinder from turning.

Mechanical Locks Lock Bumping

Lock bumping is a lock picking technique for opening a pin tumbler lock. To bump a lock, you insert a special key into the keyway one notch (pin) short of full insertion. Bumping the key forces the key to go deeper into the keyway. The designed teeth of the bump key deliver a slight impact force to the bottom key pins in the lock.

The key pins send this force to the driver pins. The driver pins “jump” from the key pins for a fraction of a second, moving higher than the shear line of the tumbler. This separation lasted only a split second. If you apply a light rotational force, you can turn the cylinder, unlocking the door.

Digital Locks Safer than Mechanical Locks

A good way to circumvent this threat is to install a digital lock for your home.

Digital Door Locks provide added security. It incorporates PIN, Card or Biometric Fingerprint or Face Recognition. They operate on battery and depending on the model, they can be wifi enabled and accessed via mobile apps. You have added security and convenience.

ZKTeco Digital Door Lock for home

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