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how intercom works

How did Intercom System work?

An intercom system is a standalone voice communication system used within a building. It allows a person to communicate with another person in a different room or area.

Unlike the walkie talkie, the intercom allows two-way voice communication. They come in a variety of styles. Some are easy to use. Others are more complicated. Over the years, they have evolved from the simple single master-to-slave audio handset.


There are now audio intercoms that integrate audio, video and mobile phone apps. Some intercom has their built-in memory that stores and keep track of visitors. Some allow the visitor to leave a message. Others incorporate an access reader.

Intercoms installed in residential premises and commercial premises serve many functions. They provide convenience for the user. The user can open the gate or door with the touch of a button instead of walking to the door. They also provide added security. Access granted to vetted visitors is recorded and tracked.

Intercoms installed at critical doorways, inside lifts or handicap toilets provide emergency communication. Security Personnel can respond to calls for help. We installed intercoms in shopping malls, hotels, schools, commercial buildings and hospitals.

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