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Upgrade condo intercom with Akuvox IP Video Intercom

Upgrade Your Condo Intercom

Upgrading your Condo Intercom Systems is becoming a necessity. Your user’s experience and expectations have evolved. They expect to be able to vet their visitors from the comfort of their mobile phones. And keep records of those who visited for their security. Older hardwired internal intercom systems can no longer meet the current needs.

Upgrade your intercom with IP Network Intercom

Upgrade with Akuvox Condo Intercom

Older traditional intercom systems are often not well maintained. Some apartments intercom units may not be working due to damaged cables. Or parts are obsolete as manufacturers migrate from old analogue to IP Network Systems and no longer produce the parts.

But upgrading is not always an easy option to pursue. The cost of changing all the Visitor Call Panels with Monitors in each house may be prohibitive. And the cost and inconvenience of cabling may be too much to bear.

This is where the Akuvox R29 present a real opportunity for an upgrade. The Akuvox R29 is not traditional. It is a network IP device that is cloud-based. Replacing your old system with the Akuvox is as easy and hassle-free.

Replace VCP with R29 Condo Intercom

To get started, you can replace your Visitor Call Panel with the R29. The R29 is a Visitor Call Panel with built-in door access control. Depending on the model selected, the R29 can grant access with your cards or face. The R29 connects to the Internet with Cat6 cables or a SIM card. There is no need to run cabling to link the R29 to the individual house units.

Replace old intercom with Akuvox R29 Condo Intercom

No Monitors Needed with Akuvox Condo Intercom

There is no need for handsets or monitors in the apartment units. The R29 communicates via the cloud to mobile phone apps. The residents need only to install the Apps on their phones. Through the App, they can view and speak with their visitors. They can grant access. They can also issue a temporary PIN to their visitors. The visitors can access the condominium within the time allotted.

The R29 can also make a call to the resident’s phone. The resident can speak to the visitor. And he can grant access by pressing a code number on this telephone pad.

Indoor Panel Optional

If the resident prefers, he can buy the C313 Indoor Panel. The C313 connects to the R29C via the internet. The C313 uses wifi or network cable to the resident’s router or switch.

Without re-cabling, the Akuvox is the best way to upgrade your condominium.

Akuvox C313 monitor for condo intercom

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