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Eocortex Video Analytics Helps You See What Matters

Automate Your Surveillance

Eocortex Video Analytics Enhance Surveillance

As a specialist in IP Video Analytics, Eocortex has developed a powerful VMS Software that can work with many 3rd party ONVIF cameras. Completely scalable, Eocortex can handle up to 10,000 cameras and work with multiple windows, monitors and video walls. Our cameras are fully compatible with Eocortex.

Suited for powering Surveillance Command Centers, the Eocortex Video Analytics is configurable and can enhance your surveillance with over 20 intelligent video analysis modules. These modules can be applied to any camera, giving you flexibility and control.

Eocortex Video Analytics Management Software

With over 20 modules, Eocortex Video Management Software help you spot the area or person of concern. Some of our intelligent modules include:

  • Face Recognition
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Abandoned Object Detection
  • People Counting
  • Crowd Monitoring
  • Tracking
  • Hard Hat Detection
  • Heat Map 
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The Face Recognition module ensures high recognition accuracy and can be used together with access control systems at facilities with high-security requirements. Another important use of the module can be automatic identification of hotel guests, restaurant customers, and visitors of other similar enterprises. 

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