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Paradox Magellan Wireless Alarm

Magellan MG6250 Wireless Alarm for homes and small offices

Paradox Magellan MG6250 Wireless Alarm for Homes and Offices

Founded in 1989 in Quebec, Canada, Paradox has already proven itself in the area of hard-wired security alarms. It has successfully launched Spectra, the EVO and the Digiplex to cater to the different market segments.

The Paradox Magellan was created specifically for the home market where a hard-wired system is not an option. These Paradox alarm panels come with wireless capability right out of the box. They can handle up to 32 wireless zones, 15 keypads and SMS.

Paradox Magellan Wireless Alarm

Paradox Magellan MG6250 Wireless Alarm is a two-way wireless security system that offers you a combination of security, wireless convenience, easy installation and attractive consumer features for any residential or small commercial installation.

With its in-field firmware upgrade capability, the Magellan line allows installers to upgrade systems without hassle — quickly and easily. And to further simplify installation, every Magellan panel can be configured using easy-to-follow program menus via a keypad or remotely via the BabyWare PC software.

The Paradox Envy Series of digital PIR Motion Sensors works perfectly with the Magellan in protecting your perimeter.

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Paradox Wireless Alarm Products

Paradox-Magellan-DCT10 2-Zone-Long-Range-Door-Contact

DCT10 Contact

2-zone wireless contact for Doors and Windows


PMD2P Motion

Wireless PIR Motion Detector with Built-in Pet Immunity (18kg/40lb Pet Immunity)


NV780 Outdoor

Wireless Dual Side-View Detector with 4 Dual sensors


REM101 Panic Button

Wireless Emergency Panic Button allow the user to instantly send panic signal


REM15 Remote Key Fob

Wireless Slim, ergonomic Remote Control with Backlit Buttons

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