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Wired or Wireless Alarm - How do you choose?

So you want to protect your family from possible intrusion and you are planning to get a burglar alarm system.  

But which is better? Should you get a Wired Alarm or choose a Wireless Alarm System? The answer may not be as straightforward as it depends on your needs, your premises’ size, your budget and the stage you are in.  

Are you planning to move in or are you already in?  Is it possible to run cables and install sensors in doors and windows? 

Install wired burglar alarm when renovating

Use Wired Alarm Where Possible

We strongly recommend using a wired burglar alarm panel.  Particularly if you have not yet moved into the house.  Or if you are still renovating your house.

A wired burglar alarm system is one where all the sensors and devices are connected to the main panel using hard wires.  And if you are renovating the house, we can hide the cables in the wall, and for sensors such as magnetic contacts to be concealed in your door and window frames.

see Wired Burglar Alarm Systems 

woman pressing alarm keypad

Advantages of Wired Alarm

Embedded Sensors

Sensors are smaller in their construction as there is no need for space to hold batteries.  This meant that the sensors can be neatly and quietly tucked away without drawing too much attention.  Being out of sight, they are less prone to tampering.

Wired sensors range from windows and door contacts, panic buttons, kick-bars, cashiers money clips and glass break sensors

embedded door contact for alarm detection

Wide Compatible Sensors

Wired sensors and devices are compatible and can be used across brands and models.

A motion sensor, door sensor or panic button is just an independent device. They can be linked to any wired alarm panel: a RISCO, DSC, Paradox or GE Caddx. This makes the replacement of sensors or even the main panel easier. There is no need to change everything. Just change what is faulty and the system is as good as new.

wide range of wired burglar alarm accessories

RISCO – The Preferred Wired Alarm

We strongly recommend the RISCO LightSYS System for its user-friendly interface and continual technical development. Their latest LightSYS+ breaks many barriers and is the system to go for. Good for new and upgrading.

RISCO LightSYS2 Wired Alarm

RISCO LightSys Wired Alarm

RISCO LightSys is a professional hybrid security system for residential and commercial sectors. It supports 3G IP communication with a user-friendly mobile app.

Use Wireless Alarm Where Cabling is Difficult

If you have completed your home renovation, and you do not want to have visible cabling all over, a wireless Burglar Alarm System may be a good alternative consideration.

The wireless panel can be placed anywhere in the house. Ideally, we would locate it nearer the heart of the house so that it can transmit and receive data to the wireless devices situated around the house within 50 metres.  

Install wireless where cabling is not possible

We carry a wide range of different Wireless Burglar Systems.  The Ajax Hub is one good application.  Sleek and modern looking, it fits nicely in the living room.  And it features a good range of stable reliable detectors whose battery life can last 5 years. 

Operating from the ease and convenience of a mobile phone app, it offers many modern smarts. 

Ajax Hub wireless burglar alarm System

Advantages of Wireless Alarm

Wireless Sensors

Sleek wireless sensors that are easy to install without messy ugly exposed cables. Powered by batteries, the sensors can be installed where it is needed.

A wide range of sensors from motion sensors to window contacts, are designed to give you the peace of mind protection you desire.

Ajax Hub Plus Wireless Sensors

AJAX – The Preferred Wireless Alarm

We strongly recommend the AJAX Hub. Looking sleek and neat, it is powerful and easy to configure. It incorporates Home Automation System for its user-friendly interface and continual technical development.

Ajax Hub wireless burglar alarm System

Ajax Hub Plus Wireless

Ajax Hub Plus is sleek and elegant and can be placed on a tabletop or mounted on the wall. It manages all wireless devices and monitors continuously. Winner of many Security Awards.

Did you find what you need?

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using burglar alarm

Using Your Alarm

The Alarm System comprises the main panel, keypads, detectors and sensors, and Siren. The keypad is the user interface to the system. Through the keypad, the user can check the status of the system, arm and disarm, or activate panic alarms.

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reduce false alarm

How Your Burglar Alarm Work?

A Burglar Alarm System comrpise a controller, keypads, detectors and sirens. The controller is the brain and is equipped with inputs often referred to as Zones. Keypads are the user interface of the system.

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burglar alarm maintenance engineer check list for hazards and risk

Maintain Your Burglar Alarm

How do you maintain your alarm? A good way is to perform a regular walk-test. Arm the system and open windows and doors to trigger the alarm. And check that you receive notification on your mobile phones.

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